Introducing Mind Blitz

A twist on the traditional memory matching game suitable for all ages.
Beautifully designed, complete with achievements, high scores, penalty cards and power-ups.

New - Endless Mode

In Endless mode the player competes for the fastest time without the worry of the timer or penalty cards.

Earn Points to Power Up

Save up your points during the game to unlock power up cards like, the “Wiggle Card” which for a brief moment ‘wiggles’ the corresponding match.

Beware of Penalty Cards

Players must beware of penalty cards that reshuffle and reset the game, which are hidden randomly within later levels.

New - Dark Theme

Enjoy the default theme with a new dark look, same great icons now with a new dark motif.

Unlock Achievements

While using Game Center, unlock achievements and try to beat your personal best score and out score others on the leader board as well.

Universal App

Mind Blitz can be installed on any device that runs iOS 6.0 and higher. No matter which recent device one has, the players can reap the joy of this brain-challenging game.

...the best memory card I’ve played... I can’t believe something like this hasn’t come out in the app store already... 9 out of 10
Reviews on the Run

Mind Blitz is a fun pairs game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. A clear buy tip for iOS gamers of any age. 4 out of 5 stars

...well done match-two puzzle with great, distinct graphics and seamless gameplay... 4 out of 5 stars
Bunch of Gamers

Mind Blitz is exactly what I need. Simple and clean, it's a memory match game that flirts with action puzzle elements when no one is looking.
Mike Fahey - Kotaku

It adds a twist to the classic game and will bring hours of fun. Everyone in my family likes this game, from my four year old daughter to me and my husband!
Rebecca MacLary - AppPicker

Simple Addictive Game... My Thumbs Up!


  • Power Ups

    Rack up power up points to add power up cards to your deck for each level.

  • Penalty Cards

    In later levels Penalty Cards can hide around any corner. Watch Out.

  • Achievements

    Unlock achievements by matching multiple pairs in a row and many other ways as well.

  • New Endless Mode

    Don't worry about penalty cards or timers, just finish as fast as you can.

  • New Dark Theme

    New Dark Theme gives a new unique look to each level. More themes coming soon!

  • Simple Beautiful Design

    Easy to understand, fast to pick up, simple beautiful design graces the entire app.

Gameplay Video